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Expert training can be provided for a range of topics, including policy development related to clean/alternative fuels; vehicle technologies, operations, emissions, and fuelling station infrastructure development. Expertise is drawn from teams of professionals in each area of interest to the client.

Clean Fuels Consulting has curricula available, especially for gaseous fuels (natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen) that can be provided to groups of participants (individuals) or specifically for company training sessions. Materials include, but are not limited to (for example):
  • World-wide overviews of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and hydrogen vehicle activities including political, technology and marketing developments.  International codes and standards overview also is included.
  • Generic vehicle training to describe overall operational aspects of light-and-heavy duty vehicles for natural gas/biomethane and hydrogen.
  • Training for installers of natural gas (and liquid petroleum gas -- LPG) equipment on existing vehicles.
  • Fuelling station development from generic concepts to specific aspects of sizing compressors, dealing with codes and standards, etc.
  • Natural gas and hydrogen vehicle safety issues covering operational and technical aspects; regulations, codes and standards; bridges and tunnels, etc.

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